Welcome to A Wild Notion, a blog that I, Sean, started in early 2016. After years of surfing, sleeping in my van, and documenting life through photographs, I started this blog as a creative place for my thoughts and words. I hope you enjoy reading them. 

I always love meeting a new face and building relationships with humans. Drop by and shoot me a message, even just to say hi.

For all inquiries, please email me at: seanraymondcollier@gmail.com, or by clicking on the Contact page.  Check me out on Instagram: @seanrcollier, or my Tumblr: solitudeseeking.tumblr.com


Van Life: Your Home On The Road by Foster Huntington

Gestalten's Off the Road: Explorers, vans, and life off the beaten track (2015)

Korduroy How to Camp in the Eastern Sierra (2014)

6 Questions about Van Life for Moment Lens Co. (2016)

Through the Eastern Sierra Mountains for iGNANT (2016)

 ( photo courtesy of   James Barkman  )

(photo courtesy of James Barkman)